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David Levy

Concept Artist

David Levy is a leading international concept artist and one of the founders of Steambot studios. He studied industrial design and architecture in France and the Netherlands respectively. He has contributed to titles for various platforms and recently worked on the development of Prince of Persia 3 and Assassin's Creed while at Ubisoft in Montreal. His unique interests merge video gaming, film and his industrial design background to create fantasy elements at many scales. He is currently working in Los Angeles, California as senior concept artist in the movie industry on Tron Legacy.

  • "I've been watching the very innovative digital painting techniques David and his colleagues have been working on over the last several years with great interest. Having now employed the ideas into some of my own work I'm even more excited and eager to be able to offer to you his techniques through this newest tutorial addition to our library."

    - Scott Robertson
    Founder, Design Studio Press