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Dmitry Kremiansky

Freelance Lead Environment Artist

Dmitry Kremiansky is a Lead/Senior 3D Environment Artist specializing in creating high-quality

assets and environments, with over 8 years of experience working on cinematic trailers and VFX productions at Platige, Goodbye Kansas, MPC, Axis Studios, and others. Having worked on over 40 projects, he’s optimized his professional workflow to create optimized, precise, and versatile models for productions.  

Follow Dmitry on Instagram @dmitrykremiansky.

  • Dmitry is deeply passionate about his craft, reliable, and someone you can always count on. He is not just a go-to-guy for anything regarding Substance Painter or Maya, he is THE go-to-guy.

    - Yi Xuan Zhou
    Env Artist at Axis Animation

  • I’ve worked with Dmitry at Axis Studios on several projects, and his attention to detail, architecture knowledge and eye for photo-realism is unmatched.

    - Steven Cormann
    3D/DMP/Concept Artist