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Robotic 3D Design for Entertainment

with Vitaly Bulgarov


In this class Vitaly demonstrates and explains his approach and techniques for creating a solid “1st Pass” 3D Design of a robotic character for a Film or a Videogame project. The first pass design phase is considered one of the most challenging and critical stages of the 3D design creation process. “Challenging” because fast turnaround times with high quality are usually expected by clients at the beginning of a project when there is still room for exploration. Therefore, this stage demands an array of skills throughout several software packages and clarity of design thinking about the task at hand. “Critical” because a properly done and a successful 1st pass design creates a definite visual target for the project early on and lays the foundation for the future iterative work on the more refined/final design version. It also reduces overall cost and saves time of the asset production for the entire team while not compromising quality. Software and techniques explored by Vitaly include block-out sculpting in ZBrush, SubD modeling, retopo, CAD modeling in Moi3D, utilizing 3D KitBash libraries, Octane Render and Finalizing the image in Lightroom and Photoshop.

Duration: 3h 30m

Format: HD 1920x1080

Vitaly Bulgarov

Concept Designer / Art Director / Senior 3D Artist

As a 3D character modeler for video games and game cinematics, Vitaly Bulgarov worked at Blizzard Entertainment on the cinematics team for Starcraft 2, Diablo 3, and the World of Warcraft franchise. As a concept designer for films, he’s created robotic designs for ILM, Dreamworks, Paramount, Lightstorm Entertainment and more, on projects including Transformers: Age of Extinction, RoboCop (2014), Terminator: Genisys, Ghost in the Shell, and the upcoming Alita: Battle Angel (2018). After transitioning from games and movies into industrial design, Vitaly has also worked on next-generation wearable products at Intel's New Devices Group as well as on surgical robotics at Intuitive Surgical. For the past 4 years, Vitaly has been working as the chief designer at Hankook Mirae Technology, the company responsible for building the first-ever four-meter tall mecha/robotic suit and currently developing a new humanoid and a quadruped robot. He also consults and works for Boston Dynamics, Panasonic, Microsoft, as well US military projects.

  • "When I came across Vitaly’s work for the first time I was really impressed by his notion of design, shapes and form. In addition to Vitaly’s mechanical design, which is one of the best that I have ever seen, his creative organic design has an extremely strong style, which make his work very unique. I am very proud to have Vitaly on my team."

    - Fausto De Martini
    3D Art Director