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Lighting & Look Dev Essentials Vol 2: Shading & Texturing

Create Realistic Shaders & Procedural Textures in Maya & Redshift With Adrien Vallecilla


Strengthen your understanding of look development and explore the core differences between real-world materials and CG shaders in this 4.5-hour workshop by Adrien Vallecilla. Building upon the theory shared in Lighting & Look Dev Essentials Vol 1: Lighting Theory, Adrien reveals how to recreate the natural phenomena of real materials using 3D tools to add realism to your scenes with realistic textures and shaders. 

To demonstrate some of the different approaches to look dev, Adrien showcases his strategy when doing look development for vehicles and human characters, before concluding the workshop with a detailed look at the still-life scene created in Volume 1. Follow along as Adrien discusses how to add an extra layer of realism to his scene using a non-destructive procedural workflow.

While this workshop demonstrates Adrien’s texturing and shading methods using Maya and Redshift, the knowledge is transferable to other 3D software and rendering engines, with the focus kept on the fundamentals and theory.

The files used in this workshop include assets from HDRI Haven, a free 3D head model from 3Dscanstore, a free car model from Turbosquid, and a free fire hydrant model also from Turbosquid.

Duration: 4h 41m

Format: HD 1920x1080

Adrien Vallecilla

CG Supervisor at Digital Domain

Adrien Vallecilla began learning CGI over a decade ago and has worked professionally for at least five years in the industry. He currently works at Digital Domain as a Lookdev and Lighting Lead, where he’s contributed to notable films including Avengers: Infinity War, Terminator: Dark Fate, Spider-Man: Homecoming, and many more, and he previously worked at Scanline VFX and MPC. Adrien specializes in look-development, lighting, developing sequence light rigs, and efficient workflows for blockbuster movies.